Here at Podcast Empires, we are all about building your brand and business empire - and accelerating that process using the power of podcasting.

I'm Katie Wyatt, podcaster, speaker, business consultant & transformation facilitator and together, we can take your empire to the world.

You have a message that needs to be heard. You are developing a personal brand that can change the world. You crave deep trusted relationships with those you are best placed to help. A podcast is your entry point, your spark to the flame, your platform for growth and scale.

A podcast is your differentiation tool. The key to establishing yourself as a person of influence, gaining an audience, garnering real attention and creating raving advocates for the work that you do.

The keys to building a lasting, recognisable and successful brand as a service-based business is to:

  • publish epic content
  • market what you do in an engaging and persuasive way
  • create products from your superpowers that your market want and need
  • be visible to your dream tribe
  • partner and collaborate with thought leaders in your field

A podcast is a platform that allows you to do all of these things. And at Podcast Empires we show you how.